Britt Connors Livestream for Rockwood NYC

Rockwood Music Hall from Home!

While gigs are non-existent and outdoor opportunities are shut down for the cold season, we are going to mask up and ventilate the room in order to play a set from home for Rockwood Music Hall in NYC - on their Facebook page (which you can still access even if you're not on FB, by the way!). We can't wait to someday get back to their cozy stage in NYC, but until then... we and they need your help. We are hoping they will make it through this hard time and still BE there when we can come back! If you click the link below, you can RSVP so that you will be reminded as it gets closer, and you can even donate ahead of time with the "tickets" button at that link. Thanks for supporting live music and the venues that host us - someday we'll be able to commune in person again, but we can't do that without your help. Can't wait to see you on a cozy Tuesday January night :)

Whatever you can generously donate!