"Reminiscent of recent feminist-inspired albums by Sara Bareilles and The Highwomen, the bulk of Britt Connors' third album is the politest musical 'screw you' ever recorded. Her lyrics are incisive and the range of musical styles on show is impressive."    - Adele Buchanan, Novelist


Short Bio

Britt Connors grew up surrounded by music of all kinds: the folk, rock, and jazz of her parents, the classical of her grandparents, and the pop of 80’s and 90’s radio. As such, the music she writes and plays is as eclectic as her background. After graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in vocal performance, she devoted herself to learning guitar, crafting her first songs, and finding her place in the Boston music scene. Along the way, she met and married celebrated drummer Mike Connors, who has played in her band since 2008. Her three albums, The Bad Side of Good (released under her maiden name of Sawdon), Warmer Season (under Britt Connors and Bourbon Renewal), and Longitude have celebrated her wide-ranging interests and influences, slipping nimbly and authentically between soulful ballads, pop-rock, and gospel-infused Americana. When she’s not playing and singing, she can be found teaching Pilates in the restored carriage house she shares outside Boston with Mike and Ringo the Wonder-Cat.

Britt also performs her music solo and in various duo and trio settings for more intimate venues.

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