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Before John Harrison devised a clock that could precisely keep time while at sea, “the longitude problem” plagued sailors and astronomers and caused shipwrecks worldwide. Once longitude could finally be determined, countless lives could be saved and mariners had a way to measure where they were, east to west.  All of the songs on “Longitude” by Britt Connors have a sense of time, direction, or of finding one’s bearings. And, while the styles of the songs range from pop-rock to jazz to country-folk to gospel-ballad, they are clearly tied together as a singular body of work, much like the longitudinal lines that span the globe, intersecting only at the North and South Poles. 

Reminiscent of recent feminist-inspired albums by Sara Bareilles and The Highwomen, the bulk of Britt Connors' third album is the politest musical "screw you" ever recorded. Her lyrics are incisive and the range of musical styles on show is impressive.

This album has everything. In the mood for driving Nashville-inspired country rock? You're going to have a Beaufort Breakdown. Want a slinky, atmospheric ballad about not being a cautionary tale? I Told You So. World-weary blues? I Was Only Dreaming. Pinwheeling, melodic folk-rock? Into the Deep with you. Flat-out, twangy country? I need to Lay My Head. Seventies-inflected classic rock? Yeah, it's a Long Time Coming. Classic jazz crooning? Try some Moonlight. Driving, relentless pop? You'll be Restless. Lastly, it's possible some of James Taylor's influence can be heard if you're Tongue Tied. 

-Adele Buchanan, Novelist