"Reminiscent of recent feminist-inspired albums by Sara Bareilles and The Highwomen, the bulk of Britt Connors' third album Longitude is the politest musical 'screw you' ever recorded. Her lyrics are incisive and the range of musical styles on show is impressive."   

- Adele Buchanan, Novelist

Hey out there -- thanks for stopping by! As of May 1st, the new record "Longitude" is now available! You can purchase it HERE!  Beautiful, blue vinyl is now also available for all you vinyl lovers! You can catch the third track off the record by way of the video of "I Was Only Dreaming" above.

Releasing a record during a pandemic is an interesting task, but we look forward to hearing your reactions as you get to hear it. All shows have been suspended for the foreseeable future, but we have upped our Live Streaming game and have tried to make each one better... We had so much fun doing a Live Stream for Passim on June 18 in lieu of our big, full-band album release party - you can catch our 4-person socially-distanced deck set HERE ! The two live streams we've done for Blue are also still posted in their entirety at the Britt Connors Music FB Page - even if you don't have an account.

We will be hosting some outdoor concerts and livestreams, now that we've got our rig figured out, so check the SHOWS page for any updates! Meanwhile, please take care of yourselves and your family in this stressful time - if music helps you, you can always head over to the music page to take a listen or to purchase our tunes, or stream on Spotify

You can join the email list above or on any page here to get the latest updates - we can't wait to see you out there, in person, someday.... but, stay tuned as we get creative about more live streaming and some new music :)

Your physically but not musically distant friend,

photo by Jerry Sabatini at Blue (Portland, ME)

photo by Jerry Sabatini at Blue (Portland, ME)

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